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Deltas noggranna, kostnadseffektiva tryckgivare har display och är enkel att konfigurera.


Pressure Sensor

The pressure sensor is a gas pressure measurement device. The measurable pressure currently ranges -100kPa ~ 100kPa and -100kPa ~1,000kPa. The users can obtain the signal of pressure change by the pressure sensor they develop. The 2 output signals and 1 analog output signal inform the host controller to conduct relevant control, allowing different systems to reach stable control status in a short time.

Delta DPA series pressure sensor is able to detect positive and negative pressure. DPA offers 6 globally adopted pressure units. The large LED with green, red and orange 3-color display allow the user to set up colors according to the actual demand. Various output control modes are available, e.g. NPN, PNP, analog voltage and current. The fast parameter copy function makes it easy to copy parameters to other DPA pressure sensors, saving the time spent on setting up the same parameter over and over again. The energy-saving mode saves up more than 20% of the entire electricity consumption. The safety control mode prevents the on-site staff to set up parameters which affect the operation of the equipment and production line. DPA pressure sensor can be applied in mechanical processing industry, food packaging industry, electronic component industry, solar energy industry, semiconductor industry and automatic assembly industry.


Delta's new-generation and slim pressure sensor is small in size and light, supporting many installation methods. DPA features high measurement accuracy, excellent stability, high shock and vibration resistance, good over-load capacity, anti-corrosion, heat resistance and can work with all Delta's industrial automation products in hi-tech electronics industry, general processing industry, food packaging industry and automatic assembly industry.


  • Energy-saving mode

  • Easy code display

  • 3 sets of color display

  • Various unit conversion functions

  • Various output modes

  • Fast zero reset

  • Analog output function

  • Parameter copy function

  • Safety control function

  • 10 sets of output response time available


Mechanical processing industry, solar energy industry, food packaging industry, semiconductor industry, automatic assembly industry, electronic component assembly and production, TFT, machine arm, PCB, CD manufacturing.



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